Facial Abuse Breeding Blondie

Published on June 27, 2023 by DefaceHerFace

The Vaccinated Vandal blew a slug into the pink coin slot as she lay there covered in semen. She managed to keep the change in her uterus. It was clear that she had taken on her role of cock sucker and throater, splattering cum all over her face. What else could be expected of a whore? It was a pleasure to see her broken down like a horse, with her ass getting fucked and her engaging in a variety of kinky activities that diminished any sense of self-respect before finally adding three more ejaculations to enforce an already compromised mental state. After all this, she was sent back to her partner more pliable and obedient than before. Whenever she needs another session, she is always welcome here; she does a good job and works tirelessly to please.

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Facial Abuse

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