Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

Published on June 1, 2023 by DefaceHerFace

I’m into this woman. She’s the bee’s knees. I also really dig her clitoris. Her vulva looks like it’s about to burst out of her panties, and that kind of pussy is my favorite. The Vaccinated Vandal took a hold of her crotch and fucked it hard, making her his personal property. Then Bootleg hit her with a spreader bar and some lashes from the slut paddle. They doubled penetrated her and she thanked them for filling her mouth and stomach with yellow discipline. They softened her up with some throat work, then fucked her face until she smiled with satisfaction. Bootleg locked her in the figure-four leg lock and she stayed there so long she definitely had to be taking breaths through the pole as if part of a special forces team. They all came on her face and gorgeous hair at once. She slurped up all that semen like it was gyros.

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Facial Abuse

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